About Us


Vision & Mission

Our mission is to provide the world with savoury and healthy products. We are a group of committed individuals who are dedicated to provide quality products and the best customer service. We value our customers and are constantly improving to meet your needs. We will continue to explore opportunities for better products to achieve our goal of enhancing your lifestyle with healthy products.

About us

Hua Tien was established in 1989 starting out as a wholesaler for various commodities such as food and beverages. We then ventured and expanded into the import and export business, transporting our products to all over the world. We firmly believe that health is our greatest asset and we aim to provide the world with products that not only taste good but healthy too. In 2013, we launched our lead product, Apple Brand Soy Sauce to appeal to the health conscious. In 2017, we are launching our new products from Hong Kong and Korea. They are Crispy Whitebaits, Congjolmi and CrispyRoll. Crispy Whitebaits obtained Hong Kong’s Top Brand award. While Congjolmi is gluten free and awarded best dessert in Seoul’s Food awards 2016. Together with Congjolmi, CrispyRoll are made by baking instead of frying. All of our products are Trans Fat free too!

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